About Us

While choosing Lotus as our name, we wanted to bloom like a pure and beautiful flower in the chaos of the city. Because the lotus represented life, light, peace, love, unusualness, and a constantly renewed youth. With these features, it has been a source of inspiration for many civilizations.

The symbol was a flower, rare in nature, precious. In spite of the environment he grew up in, he evoked meanings that caress the souls and enchant the hearts with its beauty. Lotus was the energy of life, it was a rare work of art, it was aesthetic, it was original, it was the symbol of cleanliness.

How much the city needed the lotus! It should have bloomed like a lotus in the middle of the city, flower-like lives, nests, peaceful places… Lotus Yapı came into existence to meet this need. With years of experience behind it, with the motivation of dedication to work in front of it…

  • Traditional, open to innovations

We have a spirit nourished by tradition, but we advocate an approach that follows and implements innovations with all their details and nuances. We know that one cannot have a say in the future without leaning on tradition. It is not possible to exist in the history of the future without being nourished by a culture that has built civilizations, inspired by the wonders of art and giant architectural works that have continued to live under the sky for centuries. If time is a line, tomorrow bears the traces of yesterday, and today exists to build those tomorrows. We dream of existing in the future with our works.

  • Advanced technology and advanced standards

While building living spaces, we benefit from all the innovations of technology and constantly update our standards and implement advanced applications. We follow the trends in the world, incorporate technological innovations in a short time, and carry out every step from architecture to engineering, from material quality to practical applications in the construction process, with a professional meticulousness. We continue to apply every technology we experience by being constantly renewed as a standard.

  • Comfortable spaces befitting people

We don’t just build buildings, we don’t build boxes on top of each other… We create spaces worthy of human beings, worthy of humane living. We believe that man is the holiest of creatures and we equip every corner with the comfort worthy of him… We carefully weave every square from the inner living space to the outer living space. We do not see people as a single individual, but transform them into a home where they can live happily with their families and loved ones… We care about the peace of not only the body but also the soul. Because we think that this is what suits people.

  • Environmentally friendly natural habitats

We want to watch the moonlight at night and feel the warm caresses of the sun during the day. While we breathe with various tones of green, we get lost in the horizon of blue and dive into dreams. We take great pleasure when white clouds accompany our view. Because human nature exists with its natural habitat, it is permanent with its environment. We take this very seriously when making happy homes. If there is no green, a person is incomplete, if there is no blue, his wing is broken, if he cannot feel the sun, he is weak, if he cannot experience the moon, his heart is broken. In summary, we offer life to people with the spaces we build.

  • Ethical values, consistency and honesty

Our values come before our work. We always keep our moral values at the highest levels. We do not live alone, we are afraid of being held to account. We do not compromise on honesty, we are not deceived and we do not deceive. We are consistent in our words and deeds; We refuse to be different today and different tomorrow. We act in accordance with the expectations of our stakeholders, we do whatever is necessary at every stage to ensure the continuation of satisfaction from the first meeting, and we take utmost care not to damage the sense of trust. We act with the awareness that as long as they exist, we will also exist.

  • Architectural originality and aesthetics

We live with the pride of having an ancient architectural tradition, and we create new masterpieces by interpreting them with modern perspectives. We ensure that our works stand out and be noticed with their aesthetics, visuality and originality. We reflect our talent in our soul to the buildings we build… We make our design speak, we show our artistry, like works of art reflected on the canvas… Because we love our work, we care, we meticulous. Being ordinary is not for us and we know that ordinary things cannot be permanent.